For this week’s student-led contribution to the blog, Ella’s advisory took inspiration from their Literature and Writing class and wrote a short poem that they feel encapsulates their experience thus far:

Flew in on Pineapple Air
Once we got here we all began to care

From our first meal it became clear
That all of us were meant to be here

On our first morning we went to the wreck
We saw an octopus, HOLY HECK!

We’ve gone to the Market,
We went to Blue Hole
The cookies we ate began to take a toll

Tearra, Jannea, Diallo, Trinity
We will love our buddies, until infinity

To Bamboo Point, Cece and Leah drove the boat
We will always help each other stay afloat!

-Cece, Ella, Jack, Leah, Nalani