Since the inception of our ever-growing organization, Mooch and Sheryl have been the ladies behind the scenes that have fed the droves of people who make there way through our campus on the Cape each year. From Island School students to CEI researchers to Chris and Pam themselves, Mooch and Sheryl know how to provide for any number of people with any number of dietary needs. Beyond that, however, these women have acted as the backbone to the organization by serving in the role as “mom” away from home for many, many different types of people. They did so, first and foremost, by laying down the rules of the kitchen and making sure everyone behaved respectfully. 

Last weekend, we celebrated their almost-twenty years of love and devotion to the CEIS family with a celebration at the Marina. To see photos of the event, visit our Flickr page. Mooch, Sheryl – you will both be very missed! Good luck on your next adventure!