Dear CEIS Community, 

As we begin the first of two Summer Terms and look forward to the next year, I write to share with you our plans for continual improvement in the area of equity and belonging for all of our community members. With our mission and core principles ever in mind, we continue to pursue our central question “How do we live well in a place?” and our goal to “Create an intentional community in which members are cognizant of their abilities, limitations, and effect on others.” Thank you to all those in our extended community who have shared valuable insight and feedback in this process.

This winter, we began an ongoing partnership with Lawrence Alexander and Seliat Dario of Carney Sandoe & Associates, both of whom work closely with schools and educational organizations. You can read more about Lawrence here and more about his practice here. In addition, we are thrilled to recognize Nicolette Bethel as our third collaborator from the University of The Bahamas, who works closely with Lawrence, Seliat, and our leadership team to help broaden our lens and provide essential perspective to us as a Bahamian organization. You can read more about Nicolette and her depth of work here

With leadership from a joint CEIS and CEF Board committee, we have focused on the following priorities and will continue to over the course of the next year:

  • Ongoing board training and recruitment

  • Increasing access and diversity at all levels of the organization

  • Teacher training and pedagogy

  • Understanding the lived experience of all employees and students

  • Our relationship with South Eleuthera

  • Continuing to increase opportunities for Bahamian leaders throughout and within our organization and programs 

While we have been fortunate to hear from and work with a number of our alumni and past employees, we look forward to continuing to create opportunities for everyone who wants to share their experience. I look forward to sharing updates on our progress and actions in the coming months and years.

Ben Dougherty

CEO/Head of School