Lighthouse Point, the Southwestern tip of Eleuthera, is a sacred place for The Island School.  It is described by many as perhaps the most beautiful seascape in the world. In addition to the area’s unmatched natural beauty, there is a diverse habitat that spans across miles of barrier coral reef and thousands of patch reefs.  The unspoiled islands that stretch out towards Little San Salvador, and the extensive inland salt ponds, provide unique nesting sites for many of the most critically endangered bird species. There is also evidence that Lighthouse Point has significant cultural value, serving as a gateway for early settlers and their slaves who first carved out farms in South Eleuthera.  The ruins of these early plantations still exist along the northern boundary of the property.

For almost two decades, The Island School has been working with NGO partners to imagine how this spectacular place might be developed as a successful economic resource for South Eleuthera.  Even in its current rustic state with a difficult to navigate dirt road, thousands of visitors make the trek to spend time enjoying the relative solitude of this inspiring place. It is most powerful to witness the reaction that comes from young Bahamian students who visit this magical place for the first time and can reflect on the unspoiled beauty of their country.

There is a great opportunity to celebrate Disney.  The Disney Brand has always stood proud in support of conservation and protection of the environment. Especially the Disney Pixar tradition has shared stories where young people, where all of us, can imagine a world where there is greater respect for wild, natural places.


The students on our first visit to Lighthouse Point..JPG


Disney rightfully owns this sacred peninsula; we believe there can be an alternative development plan that brings great value to Disney, to our neighbors in South Eleuthera and to our ocean planet.  In place of a cruise ship destination, we encourage Disney to establish, in collaboration with The Bahamian Government, a Land and Sea Legacy Park that can be sustained as a beautiful place for generations to come.  In addition, there can be an opportunity to build a Disney research and innovation campus that helps bring leaders from around the world to learn and live as part of a small eco-village designed and celebrated in the Disney tradition. 


We believe that educational tourism (Disney Research and Executive Training Center) has, in the long run, the opportunity to bring greater value to Disney and to the economy of South Eleuthera.  Cape Eleuthera Island School and our partners at One Eleuthera/CTI have proven that this model can be successful; the Cape Eleuthera Island School stands ready to celebrate and support a Disney Center for Research and Innovation at Lighthouse Point Eleuthera. Please join the effort to help Disney imagine a more impactful investment.