Catherine Argyrople is preparing for her movie debut.

Our alumni are always inspiring us with the incredible things they go on to do after their Island School experience. Catherine Argyrople (she/they), a S14 Semester alumna and Fall 2016 Communications Intern and Teaching Assistant is no exception. After graduating from Northeastern in 2021, Catherine is preparing to release her debut coming-of-age feature film, Growing Pains, which will premiere on April 14 in Boston, MA.

Catherine is an independent filmmaker and the Founder of her production company, Argyrople Productions. From a young age, Catherine always had a camera in hand and was constantly taking photos and making films. She pursued her love for media production at Island School, creating videos for many of her final projects. Prior to attending The Island School, Catherine, like so many teens, struggled with her mental health and insecurities. The purpose of all Island School programs is to develop leaders who inspire and drive change. As her semester progressed, Catherine grew her confidence while discovering more about herself. She describes her time solo on Lighthouse Beach as “a spiritual experience” and completed the half marathon with a newfound strength. 

“When I came to Island School, I developed a deep inner confidence and self-belief that has only grown with time. I learned how to take better care of myself and how to prioritize the things that truly matter to me.

Catherine with her Assistant Director & Associate Producer, Lia-Lucine Cary. Lia is an Island School 2016-2017 Histories & Documentary Filmmaking Teacher Alum. Catherine was Lia’s Teaching Assistant in 2016, and she was thrilled to collaborate with Lia again on Growing Pains.

Growing Pains was largely inspired by Catherine’s own experience as a childhood cancer survivor.

Growing Pains is a real and raw coming-of-age story about identity, sexuality, and the aftermath of surviving cancer. [The film] follows childhood girlfriends Zoe and Nat, who face the tumultuous transition from middle to high school as their friendship drifts apart.” She is the writer, director, and executive producer of the film. Not only that but Growing Pains was filmed by women with a  crew that was mostly women and non-binary filmmakers. The film was a 21-day production, filmed entirely in Massachusetts. Catherine notes, “My film is a female-centered story, so it’s only appropriate that women are both in front and behind the camera.”

“As an artist, self-belief, and confidence are key. A lot of people will try to knock you down and tell you that your dreams aren’t feasible or worthwhile. Pursuing a career in the arts is competitive and risky. It takes a deep inner strength to trust yourself and follow your dreams, no matter what people say. My time at Island School was the beginning of a life-long journey for me, where I truly believed in myself and my abilities.”

Catherine with her lead actresses, Deanna Tarraza and Molly Morneweck.

The Island School community is incredibly proud of Catherine and excited to celebrate the release of Growing Pains, on April 14! Follow along on Instagram and Facebook or buy tickets for the Growing Pains premiere in Boston here.