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The Art of Compost: Transforming Food Waste into Green Solutions

Food waste is a major issue, so how can we help limit what goes unused? Composting not only allows us to repurpose uneaten food and byproducts, but it also helps us create rich soil for growing our own produce. Learn about composting and how you can get started.

Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable waste management at the Island School begins inside the Tingum Center. The open-air storage bay is home to glass bottles, tin cans, warped cardboard, and other discarded articles. The majority of these items, in keeping with our environmental ethos, will be reused or repurposed into new, useful materials.

Fast Fashion and Climate Change

Apr 4, 2022

What is Fast Fashion? Every year, we as a global society produce 92 million tons of clothing-related waste. This is enough discarded clothing to fill one garbage truck every second. …

9 Ideas for Simple & Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 20, 2022

As we enter the New Year many of us are looking for easy eco-friendly habits to work into everyday life. These nine simple resolutions can go hand in hand with other goals like saving money, prioritizing health and wellness, and being a responsible community member. Making a few easy adjustments to our typical routines can have a big impact on our communities, environment and the world around us.

Lyford Cay International School visits the Cape Eleuthera Institute

Lyford Cay International School in New Providence brought 25 bubbly 5th graders down for a 3 day sustainability program at the Cape Eleuthera Institute. Besides learning about topics such as Bahamian ooidic…

The CSD represents at the annual Agribusiness Expo

  During the 5th to the 7th of March, Zakita and Micheal represented the Centre of Sustainable Development (CSD) and the wider Island School/CEI community at the annual Agribusiness Expo…

Center for Sustainable Development

May 23, 2014

We are excited to announce the introduction of the Center for Sustainable Development and Tingum Recycling Center! Check out the new website to learn more about this new building on…

Camden Hills, Day 3

Hello Y’all,The Island School is an incredible place. We are all enjoying every moment we experience together and we’re really becoming a family.  It was our third full day in…

It is official, Gobies clean brood stock cobia!

What an exciting Monday morning for aquaculture! We now have 3 goby breeding pairs that have all laid eggs this week. Our most recent pair needed to be separated from…

Congratulations…it’s a cobia!

by: Team Acult Research- Augie Cummings and Lea Luniewicz   Although we were down 3 scientist, Lea and Augie continued the research on the almighty sharknose goby. Earlier in the…

Exciting new additions to the farm

Jul 3, 2010

The much anticipated birth of 9 bouncing baby piglets happened this past Monday.  The event created quite a stir, as folks around campus organized a pool that included date of…

Building a Living Roof

Mar 6, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, students assisted faculty and our facilities crew in getting the living roof on the Ryan E. Devos Bike Center. Though it was their exploration time, several students stopped…