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DCMS Celebrates 20-Years

We are thrilled by the growth–and more importantly the outcomes–we’ve seen in our Deep Creek Middle School students since its inception, and eager to celebrate this impressive 20-year milestone with our many alumni, friends, and supporters over the years.

CEI and NOAA Collaborate in Sea Glider Launch

The ultimate goal of this project is to take observational data of the upper ocean to improve hurricane forecasting in the North Atlantic Ocean. There are many partners throughout the Caribbean and North America working in collaboration with NOAA and the University of Miami on this regional project. The glider deployment with CEI is the first done in The Bahamas. This is really important work because The Bahamas is one of the most hurricane prone countries in the North Atlantic due to its location and proximity to Florida. This nation has historically been affected by the four different hurricane types, which develop in different areas in the North Atlantic basin.