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The Art of Compost: Transforming Food Waste into Green Solutions

Food waste is a major issue, so how can we help limit what goes unused? Composting not only allows us to repurpose uneaten food and byproducts, but it also helps us create rich soil for growing our own produce. Learn about composting and how you can get started.

Isopod discovered in Exuma Sound

New Species Discovered in the Exuma Sound

A team of scientists from the Cape Eleuthera Institute, Stony Brook University, and OceanX discover a new species of deep-sea isopod during a research mission in The Bahamas.

Lee Taylor with the Maxey family as an Island School student in 1999

Lee Taylor: 2024 Founders Alumni Award

We are thrilled to announce Lee Taylor F99 as the 2024 Founders Alumni Award recipient for The Island School. Lee joined us as a Semester student during The Island School’s…